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Word of thanks
My reason for writing is to thank Joan for the endless work she has done on behalf of the members and indeed the non members of IPHAS. Many people do not realise that the work of IPHAS is done by volunteers and fellow residents of Park Homes. If only people did not wait until they have a problem before joining IPHAS and screaming help, maybe we would have enough members to pay the volunteers! Thank you Joan in advance of your retirement as co-ordinator for all your work on our behalf. A Residents Association Member - February 2009
I am writing to thank IPHAS for being such a marvellous and well organised voluntary organisation. Thank you very much for all your advice, it put us in a substantially stronger position in our negotiations with our park owner. We have now agreed a settlement figure with him and while the figure is somewhat below the market value we felt that we needed to bring this to a conclusion since the house was the residence of my late father in law and his daughter (my wife) wanted to bring this episode to conclusion. IPHAS are doing a fantastic job in ensuring justice for park home owners, I therefore have no hesitation in recommending your organisation--- it was the best £5.00 we ever spent.
More thanks received April 2010. One resident says their park has a rogue owner and they have been seeking advice for years, he writes "Alan Savory has been our Lifeline".
Thanks and a donation of £20 from a resident in Bournemouth who says "I have recently received the latest Newsletter, and, as usual found it most interesting and informative. The good work carried out by IPHAS is appreciated, I am sure, by all members - and most certainly by my wife and myself." MAY 2012.
A letter of thanks and a donation of £50 was received in early May 2012. The writer commends two ofour Senior Consultants for their help over 18 months culminating in a succcessful RPTS. Comments taken from the letter are: "you have provided support, guidance and positive help and the service IPHAS provides is in my opinion, second to none, the help given was invaluable. IPHAS provides a premier service without doubt and I hope it does so until the industry is free of the rogue site owners (and their practices/abuses) that currently blight the industry and the lives of those nfortunate to live on the sites they operate."
and theres more: In July 2012 Vee emailed Sheila with a copy of the parks newsletter in which she writes of IPHASs work in glowing terms. Here is an extract from that letter -
Vee writes " someone recently asked my advice on something and on these occasions I am very flattered! I dont always have the answers but, if appropriate, I remind people the A in IPHAS stands for Advisory. Our personal experience of seeking their advice has been outstanding and we are aware of other residents who have successfully sought their help. their reliable service is always free to members. Their email is on your membership slip and their response is very quick. For those of you without computers you can always write, or, if the matter is not confidential, I will always email on your behalf." Vees residents newsletter goes on to give more information on National organisations meetings in which IPHAS has had a presence, such as the Nat. P.H.Owners Congress, Towergate Baker Roadshows, the P.H.Justice Campaign & Consumer Focus. Thank you Vee, your comments are very much appreciated by the IPHAS team. Joan.
PLEASE NOTE - The IPHAS team offer information on residents rights under mobile home legislation.
The advice and recommendations given in letters and publications is for information only and it is for the resident to make his/her own decision on action to be taken.
The IPHAS team members are not lawyers but volunteers who have made a study of the relevant legislation.
The advice is offered in good faith but IPHAS cannot be held responsible for the consequences of any action taken by a resident, whether or not it was based on information given.

PRESIDENT: Joan Aylott

VICE PRESIDENT: Lord Graham Of Edmonton