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The Independent Park Home Advisory Service

0800 612 8938
(Strictly 10:00 to 16:00 Mon-Fri only)
Call to action from the justice campaign
Park Home residents are asked to support this campaign by sending a letter by email or post to the Prime Minister and their local MP. Your local MP details can be found at; The letter for sending and details can be found on the Justice Campaign website;
Dear Member,

We have launched our new website and portal.
There are many improvements in the background processes and would be grateful if you could advise us of any difficulties you experience so we can quickly attend to these. Thank You.

BACS Payments
Increasingly members are finding it easier to pay fees by BACS transfer but unfortunately, some of these are causing us increasing problems. We now have a number of these payments without proper identification of the sender. This inevitably leads to the sender querying why they haven’t received their membership certificate, triggering a very time consuming search trying to reconcile the sender with the payment. To help us eradicate this we need to ask your help by complying with the following:
If you wish to make a new payment (or your next) payment by BACS, please pre-notify us of your intention to do so by email, with your NAME, ADDRESS, IPHAS membership number (ie DORST889). Please note the following should be used as the Reference for BACS payments:
IND-Reg or DIST-Reg or BLK-Reg
IND: for members who are NOT part of a Block registration
DIST: for Distributors paying for a block renewal
BLK: for a single BLK member making their own payment.
The Reg is the latter part of your Reminder reference as shown on your certificate. For example: P/DORST001/DORST889 (the part AFTER the second '/' - DORST889)
So your ref might be: IND-DORST889 for example. (don't forget the hyphen)

From this, we can quickly identify and process the payment and update our membership database.

Thank you for your continued support.

Who We Are
The Independent Park Home Advisory Service (IPHAS) is a voluntary organisation offering advice and information to anyone contemplating Mobile/Park Home living or is already living on a residential Mobile Home Park in England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland. The team members are residents who have made the effort to study the legislation relating to mobile homes and work alongside
Government to promote and review changes in legislation. All team members have many years experience in advising residents and in dealing with troublesome or unscrupulous park owners.
PLEASE NOTE - The IPHAS team offer information on residents rights under mobile home legislation. Including buying and selling homes on residential parks.
The advice and recommendations given in letters and publications is for information only and it is for the resident to make his/her own decision on action to be taken.
The IPHAS team members are not lawyers but volunteers who have made a study of the relevant legislation.
The advice is offered in good faith but IPHAS cannot be held responsible for the consequences of any action taken by a resident, whether or not it was based on information given.

PRESIDENT: Joan Aylott

VICE PRESIDENT: Currently Vacant