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The Independent Park Home Advisory Service

0800 612 8938
(Strictly 10:00 to 16:00 Mon-Fri only)

Applying For IPHAS Membership

IPHAS welcomes membership from all quarters but must point out that the Team are only able to give very limited advice to residents living in holiday homes on Holiday Parks.
This is because different legislation applies to each sector.
See our Publications and Links pages for further details of National Holiday Caravan Owners Associations and Holiday Park Legislation.
Joining Online

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Joining By Post

To request application forms including full registration (membership) details, please send 1st class postage stamps to cover the postage of a large letter.
Please include your full name and address (in capitals) and state that you are contemplating buying a park home for residential living.

Please make all cheques payable to IPHAS.

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Membership Information

The minimum number of homes for Block Registration is 5
Block registrations benefit from a 16.67% discount over Individual Registrations.

The Annual Membership Fee for INDIVIDUAL Registrations is 6.00

The Annual Membership Fee for BLOCK Registrations is 5.00

PLEASE NOTE - The IPHAS team offer information on residents rights under mobile home legislation. Including buying and selling homes on residential parks.
The advice and recommendations given in letters and publications is for information only and it is for the resident to make his/her own decision on action to be taken.
The IPHAS team members are not lawyers but volunteers who have made a study of the relevant legislation.
The advice is offered in good faith but IPHAS cannot be held responsible for the consequences of any action taken by a resident, whether or not it was based on information given.

PRESIDENT: Joan Aylott

VICE PRESIDENT: Currently Vacant