IPHAS Members Portal
IPHAS Members Portal

The Independent Park Home Advisory Service

This Is The IPHAS Website Help Page


The Main Site
The main public website displays breaking news such as legislation changes (including stop press), information about IPHAS and the team
and aditional notes direct from IPHAS.
The latter can expand for exclusive Members' content.
A Headlines menu allows you to read the top articles in greater detail as well as access Useful Information and less urgent or historical news items.
There is also a Quick Links menu with a range of other items such as, Solicitors, Insurers, Residents' Associations, The latest RPI & CPI figures, Publications (which can be ordered and delivered online) and Frequently Asked Questions.
Access to our team of advisors for general information about IPHAS is also provided and Members can access advanced items and contact points by logging in.

Members Portal
This area is not intended for access by those not in IPHAS registration. It is an exclusive area, access to which is one of the privileges of full membership.

Logging In
At the top of the page you will see a link that says 'Login'.
Click this and type the details you entered when registering on the Members' Portal directly into the fields displayed.
Don't forget to click the 'Submit My Login' button!
If you are already logged in, the link will change to 'Logout'. Please ensure to do so when you have finished.
If you have forgotten your login details you can get a reminder by clicking on the 'Send A Login Reminder' button.
If you have not yet created a login for the Members' Portal you will need to click the 'Create Your login Here' button to create one.
Your username must be unique and your personal IPHAS registration number entered in UPPERCASE in the format AAAAA123

Your IPHAS Registration
Your IPHAS Registration MUST be entered using UPPERCASE with no spaces between the letters and numbers.
If you have entered everything correctly you will now see the Members Portal Bar with a number of aditional menu items