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The law relating to permanent Park Home living is a complicated subject, as those of you who have consulted a solicitor about buying a home will know! IPHAS is always revising the list of informative publications compiled by the Team, keeping the information as current and as valid as possible. They are free to download from the Publications page. For publications produced by other organisations, e.g. DCLG and HMSO, their is no charge. We acknowledge the rights of HMSO in allowing us to copy their items. When ordering publications please state if you are already in IPHAS registration.
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Coker & Mann v Staines

Application to vary terms of the Agreement : 07/85

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Omar Parks v Elkington & Grundy v Boneheyo

Summary : Mobile Home Assignment : 1992

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Merrifield v Anderson

Selling/Agreement 08/93

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Lee v Berkeley Group

Assignment/Agreement 10/95

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Wyldecrest v Adams & Others

Pitch Fees : Trees : 02/2004

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Barney v Bennett Oakfield Park Wrexham Judgement

Pitch Fee : OFGEM : Water : Breach of Site Licence : 12/2004

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Ford v Morrison

Case Citator 1980-1988 : Mobile Homes occupied by service occupier as part of employment. 05/97

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Compliance With Consumer Protection Legislation

Cornwall Trading Standards : J&B Small : 02/2011

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Judgement For Morgan :Whitehaven Cumbria

Claimants entitled to copy documents which support current charge for LPG : 02/2011

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Regina v Tully & Others

Appeal against conspiracy to commit arson- conspiracy to defraud and commit blackmail. 11/2009

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Appeal: Howard v Charlton

Extension/porch : 2002

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Mrs T. Vyse And Wyldecrest Parks (Management) LTD

Site Licence Fee in Pitch Fee : 01/2017

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Wyldecrest Parks (Management) Ltd And Mr & Mrs P.Kenyon And Others

Site Licence Fee in Pitch Fee : 12/2016

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T Goswell v Tingdene Parks. Nov 2020.

Tribunal awards refunds on water charges to residents. Also places perimeter fence responsibility on Site Owners.

England 0.00 0.00 Download
Whilst IPHAS is happy to make these publications available, it cannot be held responsible for the individual views of the authors.
PLEASE NOTE - The IPHAS team offer information on residents rights under mobile home legislation. Including buying and selling homes on residential parks.
The advice and recommendations given in letters and publications is for information only and it is for the resident to make his/her own decision on action to be taken.
The IPHAS team members are not lawyers but volunteers who have made a study of the relevant legislation.
The advice is offered in good faith but IPHAS cannot be held responsible for the consequences of any action taken by a resident, whether or not it was based on information given.

PRESIDENT: Joan Aylott

VICE PRESIDENT: Currently Vacant